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June 1, 2020

Hi everyone! 2020 has been a most unique year to say the least! While we have been holding out at home, Martha has focused on releasing her solo Jazz album, 'I Have My Standards'. It released today on all digital formats for you to enjoy. The vinyl version is coming top of August through her new label, Remarkable Records. We will keep you posted for pre-orders. Until then, please enjoy the debut of the official video for 'Mr. Grey'. Proudly made 'Pandemic Style' with no one in the same room, no studio, shot with whatever equipment was on hand. We hope you enjoy. #MarthaDavis #IHaveMyStandards #RemarkableRecords #MrGrey

OCT 23, 2019

Hi everyone! 2020 is promising to be an amazing year! We were finally able to announce our winter tour this week and we have dates posted here on our site, as well as on our FB! We want to thank Sirius XM, Live Nation and Citi bank for their support making this tour a reality! Keep up to date here for more tour information and the announcement of our new product and store! Both will be growing each day! #AreYouReady #LastFewBeautifulDays #TheMotels

JAN 29,2019

Hi everyone! We are so excited for what 2019 is bringing. Keep up to date here on our website for new tour information and new product in our store! Both will be growing each day! Also stay tuned for my new children's music - my Jazz CD and so much more on my new record label, Remarkable Records! Would love to hear from you and know what you would love to hear happen! 

NOV 17,2018

We have been on a whirlwind road trip! Tonight we perform In Palm Desert, at The Shops at El Paseo for 'A Miracle on El Paseo' - and I was lucky enough t have my friend Joe - at KMIR NBC Palm Springs do this wonderful story about tonight - Please check it out!

FEB 22, 2018

hey you's me martha...i know you haven't heard from me personally in a while... Francine Marseille, my wonderful friend and social media minder has been holding down the fort...i have been busy getting stuff done!

things are beginning to heat up over here in Motel Land...starting of course with the HONEST TO GOD TRUTH about when the album will be released!...(if it gets pushed back again let's all get together and raise hell)...The new album #TheLastFewBeautifulDays will be released on March 30th 2018!...

We have a new store at the website... it is open and there is cool stuff! including some #MarthaArt... there may even be some #art from the soon to be released video (tomorrow 9Am PST, 10AM CENTRAL), for the single #LuckyStars...and a new director #AnnaLogg, blends new and old technology and comes up with a quirky film indeed... you can tell it's @TheMotels

i am going to try and be less socially media awkward, and try and share more moments...moments of music, alpaca's, art, goats, dogs...oh and wait till you meet the new family of feral cats i've adopted!

so here's to a new year and soon a new Chinese new year, year of the dog, awesome! you all...m.

Nov 1st 2017

Welcome to our new site, featuring our new single 'Lucky Stars'. 

Enjoy browsing through our gallery of photos and videos with never before seen content. Coming soon our new store, with music, art and more. And by all means, listen to and download the new single. Love... m

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