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The Motels Store is now Open!

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

hey you's me martha...i know you haven't heard from me personally in a while... Francine Marseille, my wonderful friend and social media minder has been holding down the fort...i have been busy getting stuff done!

things are beginning to heat up over here in Motel Land...starting of course with the HONEST TO GOD TRUTH about when the album will be released!...(if it gets pushed back again let's all get together and raise hell)...The new album #TheLastFewBeautifulDays will be released on March 30th 2018!...

We have a new store at the website... it is open and there is cool stuff! including some #MarthaArt... there may even be some #art from the soon to be released video (tomorrow 9Am PST, 10AM CENTRAL), for the single #LuckyStars...and a new director #AnnaLogg, blends new and old technology and comes up with a quirky film indeed... you can tell it's @TheMotels

i am going to try and be less socially media awkward, and try and share more moments...moments of music, alpaca's, art, goats, dogs...oh and wait till you meet the new family of feral cats i've adopted!

so here's to a new year and soon a new Chinese new year, year of the dog, awesome! you all...m.

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